Are there additional expenses when living aboard?

With Storylines, you are encouraged to lose yourself in a world of comfort and onboard services.

Almost everything you can need is included in your annual service fees. This means you will never have to open your wallet or purse, or ‘charge to your room’ for the expenses you encounter living your daily life of luxury onboard.


You will not encounter staff asking you to purchase photographs, buy expensive art or perfumes. 

And all staff receive above-industry pay packages and accommodations so you won’t be giving tips or gratuity fees and service charges to receive the very best of service.


Exceptions are limited to: some spa services, some medical treatments, some luxury food and drinks (such as Dom Perignon).


  • No charge for drinks including beer, wine, coffee & juices
  • No umbrella drinks
  • No photography sales
  • No art auctions
  • No charge for meals in 20 restaurants
  • No charge for Wi-Fi
  • No charge for laundry service
  • No entrance fee for wellness spa facilities
  • No spa sales pressure
  • No charge for fitness training
  • No charge for fishing supplies
  • No charge for motorized watercraft
  • No charge for kitchen supplies
  • No buffet restaurants
  • No charge for on-board entertainment
  • No charge for room service
  • No nickel and penny pinching
  • No charge for gratuities & tips

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