How are the assessments determined? What do they cover?

For a full breakdown of the package and all inclusions, please see the page  The Inclusive Life 

Annual assessment costs are determined in line with inflation, so you remain protected throughout your investment. Fluctuating costs including the likes of fuel prices etc. will be managed by using FEC's to lock in rates for 12-24 months in advance. Part of the Storylines cost management strategy may also include onboard community voting on subjects covering the operation of the vessel and cost control strategies such as number and type of port calls, crewing etc. If you are interested in becoming a regular voting party and making these decisions for the ship, ensure you become a member of the the  Founder's Circle by speaking with one of our team.


All cruise vessels undergo rigorous safety and maintenance schedules to ensure optimal performance ongoing. Yearly schedules are set and cover not only breakages, but set routine replacements and preventative repairs/maintenance.

Remodelling fund for the future?

Our annual fees include costs for requirements such as vessel repainting and dry docking. When it comes to internal fit-outs, common areas are also considered and included in the fees for future 'updating'. Unit updates will be by the cost of the unit owner as we have followed the familiar and successful model of land-based unit ownership.

Major repairs?

Things do go wrong - That is a part of life and operating cruise vessels! As we know this, we have an annual allowance into a 'floating-fund' for emergencies such as these.

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