What food and drink will be available on board?

With culinary experiences like no other, Storylines is your home and our ship, your playground. Choose from 20 restaurants offering a range of international cuisines to satisfy every palette. Why not enjoy oysters and champagne over the water for lunch, a light and leisurely Japanese dinner and finish in the ice creamery with the family for some delicious desserts… If you’re in a creative mood, cook dinner with friends and family in the market garden and watch the sun go down over the marina deck... Alternatively - perhaps after a big day of adventures ashore - stay in, watch a movie and order room service directly to your door, 24 hours a day. You’re at home, the choice is yours.


Gone are the buffet lines and mediocre food. The epitome of culinary style and substance come together from around the globe in a carefully curated assortment of intimate dining experiences. Belgian waffles, freshly shucked oysters, vegetables grown onboard and truffle tagliatelle are just some of the taste experiences to be discovered in the three-deck ‘Culinary
Experience’ Atrium.


All of our Global Residences offer basic facilities that allow for simple things like toast in the morning, or reheating something you want to eat one more time.


OR - If you’d like to show off your culinary expertise:
• Pick up some fresh produce from our home-grown market
• Prepare a feast with friends and family in one of the 45 entertainment areas aboard
• Enjoy the sunset over the marina deck or the sights of today’s gorgeous destination
• And let US handle the clean up!


Almost everything you can need is included in your annual service fees. This means you will never have to open your wallet or purse, or ‘charge to your room’ for the expenses you encounter. Exceptions are limited to some luxury food and drinks (such as Dom Perignon).

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