What kind of entertainment is available onboard?

‘Eating-out’ Food & Drinks

  • 20 unique dining choices to satisfy every craving
  • Numerous bars and entertainment areas in stylish venues


Kitchen Entertainment Areas

  • Prepare food yourself in over 45 stocked kitchens and resident lounges, perfectly suited to throw a dinner party for a group of friends, meeting friends, or finding a quiet corner to relax


Comprehensive Library

  • Enjoy lazy days lost in a world of literature. Whether driven by a thirst for knowledge or the latest fictional masterpiece, our comprehensive library will take you on countless journeys of discovery


Micro Brewery

  • Sample the latest craft beers from around the world or help with the brewing process using fresh local ingredients in the ships onboard brewery


A Living Shipful of Gardens

  • Over 5400 sq ft of gardens and living walls of green surrounding you make your new home aboard a lush paradise
  • Ocean to table fresh grown vegetables supply our restaurants and help keep you healthy
  • You can help gardening if you choose


Oceanfront Marina Precinct

  • Waterside cafe and restaurant precinct provide the perfect place to experience the best of what your global luxury lifestyle has to offer
  • Direct ocean access for swimming, sailing, jet skiing and kayaking right off the deck


Health & Wellness

  • Hospital and holistic wellness rooms for all aspects of your most important asset, your health
  • Full gym facilities with the latest equipment to keep your body moving
  • Yoga Studio and personal trainer rooms


.. and also

Business Centre

Imax Theatre

Digital driving range

Hobby shops

Equipped Artist Studio


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